I am heart, soul, bones, flesh, and skin.
Shaped by the Potter’s bare hands—I’ve got more curves than edges;
Fearfully and wonderfully made with holes to fit you in—
I was crafted with you in mind like necessity;
You see, he equipped you with a forged sword that still needs heat treating,
You poor, poor, flawed being—

Might as well call me angel,
Sent from above,
Straight onto your lap—
If you do not believe in God,
Well you will once I let you sink in—
You will see stars on the ceiling;
Witness your Babel Tower
Appearing and disappearing;
I’ll douse it in lava until it’s leaning;
Burn it down ‘till you recognize heaven.


Might as well call me salvation;
I’ll make you rise up with the slightest graze
Of my fingertips;
Take you higher when I put you like
Joint between my lips—
Senses eclipsed—
As my tongue orbits,
I’ll make you erupt
Like the sun—
You will bless the day you were born,
And all the days that led you to where you are
When you are under me.


Might as well call me by my name;
Speak it like it’s your new religion
Because when this mouth drinks
The fruit of its labor,
You will scream like it is second baptism.


Might as well call me church;
And it’s not worship until you get in—
So get on your knees.
Bow your head.
Say your prayer in tongues,
And you might get immediate
Yes’es and Ohhs and Umms.


And when we’re done,
You may call yourself the man
And your dick, a weapon;
The more you shoot
The more it becomes
A loaded gun—
And my pussy? Just another hole
You banged.
Nothing special.
Just a hollow space waiting to be filled.
So not special, that you have to pay to take a sip;
So not special, that you have to pay to take a dip.


So while we are at it,
Call me angel.
Call me salvation.
Call me by my name.
Call me church.
Call me a fucking goddess
And I will take you to the gates of heaven,
But that’s about it.
The most your money can get you is flesh and skin.
You don’t get to touch my heart.
You don’t get to penetrate my soul.
I can walk away from this standing tall.
Mark me with your name and I will shed it
In one shower.
I will let you get over me, but that doesn’t mean
You’ve got the power.

You are just a man.

And I am everything

But yours.


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