Fun day/night Out + Nature walk + Bring sweets to share at hike + Thank people you appreciate


While the clouds covered the stars like cozy blankets,  Liz and I spent time inside the tent and talked about everything we could talk about.

I remember I told her that things like snowflakes make me believe in God. I forgot to tell her that it’s people like her that make me believe in Him the most.

She’s weird and all, but I’m keeping her.



one lovely blog award (ehehehe)

i was tagged/nominated by elizabeth for this.

7 facts about me:

1. my palms get extra sweaty when i’m anxious.

2. i once got a mohawk (for a haircut, obviously hehe)

3. me, in bright colored clothing, is a rare sight. like a unicorn.

4. everyone thinks my boyfriend is a myth because i’m never seen with him. we do see each other, though. i promise.

5. my sense of direction is shit. i wouldn’t know which is left or right if i didn’t have  birthmarks one  of my arms.

6. i am the only the child that didn’t get spankings from my parents.

7. when i was in preschool, i answered my seatmate’s math test paper because she was bugging me for every damn question and was getting quite annoying, so i was like, “give me that, you idiot.” i know it was mean, i’m sorry.